Hello marvelous people,

I like to think of myself as neither an optimist nor a pessimist; it just depends on the situation.  However, within the last year, more and more people have been informing me that I am really positive human.  I believe that I am not overly positive, but when I am faced with someone in a negative situation (me included) I have to find something good or a positive aspect.  More and more people have been depending (I use that term loosely) on me to bring light to their situation. I thought that it would be a good plan to share some of the good vibes with you. So here are some of the things that I say to make someone feel better.

·         It will be okay.

·         Tomorrow is another day.

·         Life is going to happen to you whether you want it to or not, so you just have to “take the crookeds with the straights” (because that is a line that I need to remember for English, note that I am not original).

·         You are a beautiful person.

·         You are not alone.

·         If “a woman’s charm is fifty percent illusion” (again, not being original), then so is life.  Your life is about fifty percent how you look at it.  If you choose to believe the illusion that your life is falling apart, then that is how your life is going to go.  You have to choose the way that you want to live.

·         Your life could suck more (You could be living someone’s dream) (No pressure, I just think that the fact that my life could be worse is comforting)( and also, someone admires you/your life).

·         You are not too old to make a blanket fort.

·         One day, this kid brought like 5 different types of cheeses, a cheese grater, and some crackers to my English class for his birthday and it took the teacher like 30 minutes to notice.

·         It wasn’t even the teacher that noticed. Student A whispered “is he cutting cheese?” to student B and the teacher asked what was going on.

·         The teacher then left the class and got teacher B and asked her “do you see anything weird going on in this class?” to which teacher B responds “you left the room and came back to a class doing work” It then took teacher B a little bit of time to realize that there were cheese and crackers being handed out.

·         I thought that this story was hilarious.

·         You are breathing, so there is potential for your life to get better. 

·         Things like flowers and dogs and mountains and oceans and other pretty things exist.

·         You have the potential to create more things that are pretty.  One of things could be a smile.

·         Your smile is the light of someone’s day.

·         There was this student (who is not in my grade) that got a clock, that is shaped like a cat and meows at random times, and he put it in the ceiling of a class room.  So now, every one and a while, we here a cat meow and are reminded of that kid.

·         I legitimately thought there was a cat in the classroom.


Okay, so now that you have made it to the end of this post, I hope you have a lovely time doing stuff with your life.  I also hope that you found something in this post uplifting.



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